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Thursday, January 28th 2010

11:44 AM

State of Confusion

  During the Presidents State of the Union Speech I was repeatedly overcome with the urge to look out of the window to make sure I was not living in some kind of a third world Banana Republic. From his Unpresidential Attacks on the courts and the private sector, to his condescending lecture of congress, to his obviously insincere attempt to praise the nations history and the resilience of it’s people. The President painted a picture of a country in dire straits. While it is true that our economy is stagnant, this country has made its way through far more tumultuous times, despite the assertions of our present executive. 

The President seems to be becoming evermore detached from reality. Speaking of the recent supreme court decision regarding campaign financing Obama would do well to take a refresher course in American government, the executive is not superior to the other branches, the congress and the courts do not answer to him, this attempt to intimidate the court could very well backfire severely.  

  He credited the stimulus pkg with keeping two million people on the job. (He interestingly left out his trade mark phrase “created or saved”) but these numbers cannot be verified and the congressional budget office has said repeatedly that it is impossible to determine how many jobs would have existed without the stimulus. Fiscally the president seemed to be grasping at straws, calling for more aid to middle class families and at the same time calling for a freeze on discretionary spending. A spending freeze may sound good but it is important to remember that the agencies that would be affected have already seen a baseline budget increase under Obama. Even if the President can get congress to go along with such a freeze it would only amount to 1% of the deficit. If the President really wanted to get serious about the long-term fiscal health of the nation he would look at beginning a gradual rollback of Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security, these massive unfunded entitlements are sinking the fiscal ship, the president however is ideologically opposed to facing this reality.

 Instead of using this address to reach out to the American people, the President seemed more disconnected, hunkering down behind his unpopular agenda instead of acknowledging the citizenries rejection of it. In the end Obama’s address was not an attempt too sure up the electorate; he wasn’t even speaking to them, it was  an effort to convince congress to resume their commitment to the political death march he is leading.

Anthony D Dolpies
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Posted by Anthony D Dolpies:

Ric thanks for the comment, you are right to be concerned about this administrations use of the EO. They have utter disdain for our constitutional system of government and will use any means at their disposal to subvert it.
Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 @ 9:49 AM

Posted by ric johns:

Where am I wrong?,
I watched Mr. Obama give the State of the Union speech and became very concerned about some issues.
Let me explain! I take great issue with Mr. Obama scolding the Supreme Court Justices; all of the justices should be outraged at this blatant attack on them. They are the end of the legislation process, in that they decide the constitutionality of legislation. Since they decide this, they are also the most important part of our balance of power within a constitutional government. If we are to continue with the constitutional republic our founding fathers designed; all people’s representatives who took the oath of office to serve, protect and defend our constitution should also be outraged.
The justices are not required to attend the State of the Union speech , they were invited and assigned a seat in the front row for the purpose of condemnation. A condemnation which took place in front of the world. They should have walked out.
Whether you agree with this administration’s policies or not; the precedence of Mr. Obama’s actions and words on this issue are not in the best interest of our country, our constitution, our balance of power or even the democratic way our representatives are elected.
As bad as the Supreme Court issue is; it is dwarfed by the following. I have waited a few days to write this hoping to see some mention of it in the news. I have not! The statement listed below is from the speech he gave. Quote.
Yesterday, the Senate blocked a bill that would have created this commission. So I will issue an executive order that will allow us to go forward.
While I understand that this is just a commission; I am very concerned about the precedence this sets on the use of executive orders. The progressives in this country use precedence to constantly move us forward (as he stated) further away from our constitutional founding.
The people of the United States of America did not elect a dictator to a 4
Sunday, January 31st 2010 @ 9:17 AM

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